Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursdays

Marissa at Married to a Medical Student is hosting a Thankful Thursdays this week and I thought I'd throw in my two cents.

This week, I am thankful for...

  1. A nice drink with good friends at a pub trivia night.
  2. Having LOTS of things to do at work - means they still need me!
  3. Burning a candle in the dining room and making the whole townhouse smell yummy.
  4. Books. I'm loving that I have time for books again!
  5. Booking a secret trip to surprise someone quite special to me. I can't wait to talk about it!

What are you thankful for? Head over to Marissa's blog and let her know!


  1. A secret trip! That sounds awesome! Hope you have fun!

  2. How fun...a surprise trip!! Can't wait to see where you are going!