Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I need a good book

So I just finished the Betrayal of the Blood Lily, the last book in the Pink Carnation series by Lauren Willig. It's about women in the Napoleonic wars in France and England and the espionage that took place! Really, it's a quick read and just fun to enjoy.

Now I'm on the second of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. This is about a woman who gets transported from WWII Scotland to 18th century Highlands and the romance that ensues. I've waited for 16 people to borrow this ahead of me at the library so I'm very happy to have it in my hands. In fact, it's hard to do anything but curl on the couch/bed/floor to devour the words. It's that good!

And in the on-deck circle is Pride and Prejudice on my new nook e-reader (it came standard, but everyone says it's the best of Jane Austen, and I was planning on reading that one anyway). Whenever I mention that I've never read any Austen, everyone is always shocked - I have NO idea how I managed to get thru middle/high school and then college without ever picking it up. I also don't know why my mother didn't go ballistic one day and sit me down with the whole series. I really hope I enjoy it as much as everyone says I will. [I tried to read Madame Bovary because it's a "classic" and couldn't get past page 50. Husband was APPALLED.]

If you can remember from my 101 list, I have a whole section devoted to READING:

65. Read five Jane Austen books (0/5)
66. Read 5 “classics” that I never read in high school or college (0/5)
67. Join a book club
68. Ask 5 friends to recommend a book, read all 5 (0/5)
So dear readers and friends, I need your help. I know the first Jane Austen book to read, but I need help figuring out the others and in which order. PLUS I need some suggestions for number 68. What are your favorite books that I should read? I love fantasy and romance and a good story.
Thanks in advance!


  1. For classics did you ever read "1984"? I have a whole list on my blogs of books I read this year and last year under My Reads. The starred ones are the ones I enjoyed the most!

  2. How timely - I was just thinking the other day how I NEED to read Pride and Prejudice and I don't know how I've read all the others and skipped this one in school?!
    My favorite book of all time is Love in the Time of Cholera. However, my favorite book to read (there is a slight difference) is One Hundred Years of Solitude. Both books are from Gabriel Garcias Marquez and both books are so pleasurable to read. As a warning - they are both long, they both can be complicated with all the names (use the family tree in the front of the books) but they are truly a pleasure to read.

  3. You must read Emma (and then rewatch Clueless) and Sense and Sensibility. Those two plus P&P are my favorite...typical.

    Here are 3 for your #68:

    Hand of Isis (Great fantasy/romance, fictional account of Queen Cleopatra)

    The Help (AMAZING recent historical fiction about black servants in the 1960s South)

    Austenland (for after you read your 5 Austens, this book is super short and easy, I read it in an afternoon)

  4. FUN! I just finished "the other boleyn girl" and I LOVED it! So I totally recommend that.

  5. I echo all of the above (although I haven't read The Help yet - it's on my shelf).

    How about The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood? I'm pretty sure it counts as a classic. And then read Oryx and Crake by Atwood. And then read The Year of the Flood by Atwood. All awesome.

    I also love The Time Traveler's Wife (which is fantasy-ish and a beautiful love story). And The History of Love by Nicole Krauss is another amazing love story.

    Okay, I could go on and on... I love to read.

  6. The Pink Carnation series sounds good. I'll have to check it out. Jane Austen is the best! I hope you enjoy Pride and Prejudice. Have you read My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult? For classics, what about The Red Badge of Courage or Lord of the Flies? You mentioned fantasy. Have you read the Lord of the Rings books and Twilight?

  7. Alright ladies, I can see you are all readers and I have a book that will change your life! No its not a self help book, and by now you may have heard of it, "The Guernsey Literary, and Potato Peel Pie Society". No Honestly, you MUST read this book. You WILL laugh through most of it, sigh through the end, cry frequently for many reasons, and discover the end is upon you far too quickly! Jess if you read anything, you HAVE to read this. My mother has NO time to read and finally picked it up after someone dumped it on her desk at work and she is currently in the process of rereading it...for the THIRD time in a month.

    As far as a book club, I can help you fulfill that one. I started a club under a year ago and its fantastic! All women, we meet once a month and take turns "hosting" the gathering. And coincidentally our current project is Pride and Prejudice! Meeting is at my place 28th of Feb. Let me know if you'd like to join us! Love to have you!

  8. Those are some great suggestions!!! I'm going to go the fantasy route for you. If you like Vampire and can stomach some sex, got for the Anita Blake Series by Laurel K. Hamilton. They are set in St. Louis. I just love being able to place exactly where something is in any of her books. If you like fairies and can stomach ALOT of sex, you should read her Merry Gentry series.

    Now away from the books with sex. ;) My absolute favorite author is Mercedes Lackey. She writes all kinds of fantasy. Her heralds of Valdemar series is the best and set in a whole different world. Plus you can borrow any of them anytime you like as I own them all.