Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Start out at the doctor, end up at the pub - really, it's just Tuesday

46. Go to a pub trivia night.

Tuesday was a rough one.

Started out at the OB-GYN getting everything down there taken care of. I'm happy to report that I have a clean bill of health where my lady parts are concerned. Always good to know, don't you know!

But that just starts off the day with a sour note - not that my doctor isn't amazing [because she is] but because all of that business just doesn't make one very happy at eight a.m.

Then it was a day of meetings, like usual, plus a grant proposal to write that was due on Monday. Whoops! Even though we received an extension, I hate doing that - I like being early, not late!

After working late, I zipped over to the theatre and had rehearsal for Noises Off. As funny as the show is, it always takes it out of me, especially because I was feeding the actors lines all evening and had to be on-book to make sure they weren't skipping anything that was VITALLY important to the plot.

So it's nine p.m. and I call Husband to let him know I'm on my way home [no matter that he knows I leave rehearsal when I do because it's on the Google calendar, but it's just to let him know I'm on the road] and he asks me how long it's going to take me to change before we leave for trivia.

Hold up.


Apparently I had agreed to a pub trivia night that begins AT TEN P.M. Why in the world would I have done this, you might ask yourself? Given that at that point in the evening, I'm usually in my pajamas, on the papasan chair, wandering in the blogosphere [thank you, Brad!], and watching whatever's recorded on our DVR. I don't usually go out past seven, because I need my wind down time and what-not.

As hard as it was for me to drag myself out of work clothes and into something cute [that could withstand the smoke of the bars], I actually had a GREAT time. I don't think any of my answers were right because I got overruled by the rest of the time. Did you know that a sonnet only has 14 lines? Because I was sure it was 16.

We had a drink as evidenced by the photo above plus some amazing flash fried green beans with chipotle ranch - not on a diet, but SO yummy!

I'm glad I've got this list to get me to do things I might not otherwise do. That's the point of it, right? I'm having a blast doing them!

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  1. Ha! Great title for your post. ;) I always have fun once I am out, but sometimes the thought of getting ready and getting there does me in. Glad you had a great time!