Saturday, February 20, 2010

I have accomplished absolutely nothing in my life compared to these kids

Because I'm an alumnae of SLU, I was asked to sit on the interview panel for the Presidential Scholarship weekend. The main part of the event was today.

The University brings in current scholars, faculty or staff members and alums to help decide who will receive this scholarship. It's basically a full ride and is a highly sought after award. The numbers aren't announced but I think it's something one in twenty interviewees will be awarded the scholarship. CRAZY.

Let's just say that I wasn't even invited to interview for these things when I was a senior. These kids are SMART.

After hearing those kids talk about their amazing accomplishments and what they would do with their scholarship and their dreams and hopes for the future, I'm struck with the thought that I haven't done ANYTHING in my life.

It's the same feeling I get when someone tells me that they're in medical school and hope to cure cancer someday. I plan events. I know what I do is important - non-profits exist for a reason and I'm doing what I can to help them continue to exist. The events I plan are for cultivation of major donors or to raise money for the institution directly. But sometimes, I feel like what I do is not as important as my friends' jobs.

So interviewing future doctors and aerospace engineers and lawyers, I just wonder about what I've done with my life. They have done over 200 hours of community service in their four years of high school. They plan to do the same in college. I donate my time and talent to SLU right now, because I don't have the treasure to do so. But sometimes I wonder if its enough.

These kids are absolutely amazing. I was so glad to spend just twenty minutes getting to know them. There are a few that were outstanding and I really hope that I can connect with them after they find out about the scholarship outcomes and get them to attend SLU even if they didn't win.

Because SLU needs these kids. They're the future, as corny as that sounds. I hope they become Billikens.


  1. I always look at some of these child prodigies and think, "dude! What am I doing with my life?" LOL Oh well, gotta enjoy who we are...I guess!

  2. I always feel weird watching college sports now that I'm out of college and realizing that every single one of those athletes is younger than I am. It's SUCH a weird feeling. And it makes me feel so unaccomplished and pathetic, even though I never wanted to be a professional athlete. That's cool that you get to go to the interviews! It sounds really neat.

  3. Sometimes I get those feelings too. But I think you ultimately need to compare yourself to yourself, and no one else. If you are doing something that makes you happy, something that fulfills you, something that makes you proud at the end of the day, that's all anyone can ask for.

    How nice that you were able to help impact the future of one of these great kids! That's something to be proud of in itself!

  4. I sometimes feel the same way, but we can't compare ourselves to others. We were kind of talking about this at my book club last week. We should measure ourselves by our character, not our accomplishments (or the lack thereof).

  5. You're still young! Plenty of time to do many great things! :)