Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WFMW: My new mail system

We finally came up with a solution to our continuing issue with mail coming into the house and not having anywhere to go. I hope this one lasts for a while and we can both really embrace it!

So, because pictures always hit home a situation, I give you...


This is the dumping ground for papers and mail. I love that little blue table we found somewhere and repainted to make it work in the room. In order to show it off, we need to get that pile of mail off it!
I have to admit, this is only a few days of mail. YIKES!

We found this magazine holder at the Container Store [honestly, I could spend my paychecks there. I cannot WAIT until my budget allows me to get an Elfa closet solution. Oh a girl can dream!]. We hung it near the door to the "man cave" which is somewhat near the front door but still out of the way so I won't see it right when I walk in.


You can't see it, but I've labeled one section "to file" [for anything that needs to go into the filing cabinet at a later date], "for Husband" [things that he needs to deal with], "for Wife" [things I need to deal with shortly], "Outgoing" [self-explanatory]. This outgoing section also holds return address labels, stamps and a pocket that was clearly for something else but holds our small letter opener perfectly!

After a few days of using this system, we have realized we need a small light in that little nook because the light from either window or the rooms on either side of the hallway just ain't cutting it.

But I'm really excited about this solution - I think it works for me!


  1. I really like that! we just let the mail pile up too...but usually on the kitchen counter! ha

  2. I have never been to a container store. I don't think they have one of those near here. But I do love those pockets. I need to get something for the "hubby to deal with" pile.
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  3. That's a great idea! But I love that little blue table even better than your idea...adorable! Got any close-ups/tutorials about it? I just looooove blue. Super cute!

  4. Songbird, I don't have any more close ups of that table, or a tutorial unfortunately! We redid the table a few months ago before I had a blog and didn't think about taking pictures. It was pretty simple - Husband just sanded it down and spray painted it that gorgeous blue color.