Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

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Not with my husband, thank god.

With my insurance agent.

We’ve been going through rounds and rounds of quoting and re-quoting the insurance rates, because things keep changing. What with the new Ion and removing the old Saturn Coupe and possibly adding my brother on to the policy so he can drive the Coupe until he graduates from undergraduate, blah blah blah.

It’s just been a ball of fun with minimums and driving records and liability and not being able to insure cars if you don’t own them because you don’t have an “insurable interest.” I’m just trying to be legal here, and man, is it hard.

It would be so much easier to just drive without insurance! [which we won’t do, OF COURSE]

There are just lots of oddities about the situation, so I understand that it’s confusing. But multiple phone calls and emails to my agent has made me more confused than before we started on this little journey.

If you email someone with three specific questions in bullet point format, don’t you expect a return email with those answers in similar fashion?

My agent didn’t get that memo apparently.

I love the company we’re with – and they give us a GREAT rate without a 21-year-old driver added to the three cars – so I’d like to stay with them. But I just need an agent who helps me understand the policies that I’m purchasing.

So, how do I break up with my insurance agent?



  1. Ugh I hate this sort of thing :( We went through all sorts of changes like this when we moved and there was a lot of breaking up. I don't think I did it particularly well or gracefully so I'll defer advice. But good luck!

  2. @Jamie - It's no fun all around! Moving at least gives you somewhat of an excuse.

  3. Yuck. Sorry you are having to deal with this!

    And to take a totally random part of your post and run with it... I HATE when I email someone with specific questions and they ignore them! Or only answer one or two! So annoying!

  4. I've been in a similar situation! My agent is a pain the ass and never gets back to me quickly, but the company won't let me switch agents within the company. They have the best rates so I'm stuck with him :(

    I wish I had some advice...I've heard commercials from one of the other agencies (can't remember which one, Allstate maybe?) that said they'll break up with your agent for you...

  5. @doctorswife - It's no fun. And yes, not responding to specific questions in emails is SO frustrating.