Thursday, November 11, 2010


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… and not in a good way.

The past few months, I’ve been adding more and more to my proverbial plate.  Emotionally, I’ve been running on empty since Dad died. Work has been crazy, even though many of my events have come and gone. It looks like we might be adding even more events, so that stress is starting to make itself known.

That combined with the Boards I sit on and the things I do for those Boards makes my days very very very busy.

So we are at a crossroads. Something has to give. Or I will continue to stress myself out and not sleep very well and probably have some kind of breakdown, whether I like it or not. My mother is rather worried about me actually. And when Mom is worried, that makes me worried, because the situation is serious. And I guess she sees more into the reality of what’s going on more than I do. That’s why I tell her these things – so she can tell me what really is going on.

Tonight on the phone sobbing about the situation [did I mention I just might be PMSing? That’s always a helpful addition], she helped me make a decision. I’ve written the letter and the draft is sitting in my folder, waiting for Husband to come home and review it before I launch it. I don’t want to burn bridges but it’s come time to step back from certain things so I can maintain my sanity.  I’m very conflicted and torn but it has to be done.

But there is something that makes up for the craziness and will help me get through the next few weeks… and that is vacations.

In 36 days, I’ll be boarding a plane for Europe… Yay for Christmas with family in England and New Year’s in Paris with Mom, Brother and Husband. Yay. :)

And in many more days, I’ll be boarding a plane for the House of the Mouse.

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Husband and I booked a trip for Food and Wine 2011. YAY. Words cannot describe how happy that makes me. :) :) :)

It makes up for having to take a step back, because I can enjoy those times so much more.



  1. Breathe in and breathe out, girl. I understand the being overcommitted stuff...and I have HAD to tell myself to pull back the reins a little. and it's not going to be my sanity. Sending hugs, girl.

  2. It's just not a healthy situation to be so stressed. I hope you can find a way to work it out! I'm soooo jealous of your trip to Paris, I would give anything to back again!!

  3. I assume you plan to move away from some of the boards for a while? Take care of yourself first honey, you can always go back and volunteer again later.

  4. I'm sorry hon! Hope things slow down and get better soon!

  5. Oh my, I hope things settle down a little for you. I know it's incredibly hard to say no and/or ask for help, but if there's anything I can do, please let me know! Even if it's just meeting you out for a glass of wine or a margarita to get your mind off of it! I'm in! (I'm also great at proofreading)

    And, by the way, I'm incredibly horribly insanely jealous of your upcoming vacations! Seriously? Food & Wine AND Europe? Did I mention I hate you? :)

  6. @rozebud - that's exactly what I'm doing. The Board president emailed me today accepting the resignation so I already feel better. It's sad that I have to step away from theatre for a bit, but it's a good thing for me to remain sane. :)

  7. Girl…. for your own sanity and well-being I think you are making the right choice. You have to learn what you have to say no to and step back from. You will be SO much happier. Your Christmas and New Year’s sound amazing!!!!!!!! :)