Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I don’t understand technology

I need help with my iPhone because I’m an idiot when it comes to technology.

I downloaded the new Facebook app and wanted to upload some pictures to the albums when I’m on the go, at events, and just around town. But it won’t let me!

I can upload pictures from the phone to the mobile album just not direct it to a specific album.

And then that leads to a whole separate question about how to go about uploaded pictures: should I create individual albums for various events and such and upload into them? If so, can you show me how?

Or, alternatively, should I just have one mobile album and just upload random pictures from my life?


Am I totally overthinking this? Does anyone else sit down and really ponder how to work their social media networks like this? Am I just a weirdo?

Anyone there?


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  1. I have an android so it probably works differently, but I have two buttons I can push to upload a photo to Facebook. The first just dumps the photo in the mobile album with no option to caption and the other gives the option to caption and the ability to choose an album, maybe the iPhone has the same options. I had to find out by trial and error. :)