Saturday, November 20, 2010

Last Friday Night in Pictures

God I Owe You

I love seeing vanity license plates. This one was in front of me on the way home from work that night. It’s GODIOU2. I loved it and had to get a picture of it!

Chocolate Banana martini

That’s right. It’s a chocolate covered banana martini. The bartender at SubZero is my new best friend.

Banana Chocolate Martini

The martini quickly disappeared… only to be joined by another that took its place. ;)  


The main event – spring rolls and tuna tempura [I think]. YUM.

I love going out with the law school kids. :)

Glad my 101 list encourages me to do so at least once a month.


  1. Okay, that martini is to die for! (This coming from a girl who can't buy alcohol, of course, so please don't mind me drooling!)


  2. @stephanie - the martini was absolutely amazing! I'm dreaming about it now.

  3. A chocolate covered banana martini and sushi? I like your style!!

  4. @Meg - thank you! I pretty much approve of any sweet alcohol in any combination. ;)

  5. Oh wow, that martini looks amazing. (Is it sad that I could really use a martini at 9:30 a.m. today). :) Think they're open for lunch?

  6. Can we go to SubZero together? I LOVEEEE that place. Had my bachelorette party there and it was a blast!!