Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in Kansas City Recap in Pictures


  2010 Thanksgiving Weekend (2)

The drive to Kansas City from St. Louis wasn’t very fun. There was lots of rain and fog and grossness. It wasn’t light for very much of the drive, which didn’t help either.

2010 Thanksgiving Weekend (3)

Candy helps the trip go by a bit easier.

    2010 Thanksgiving Weekend (7)

In Kansas City, we saw our first Christmas lights! :)


2010 Thanksgiving (23)

My mom’s best friend had sent my brother and I these pictures of my Dad, framed and ready to join us at Thanksgiving. Isn’t that sweet?

We really needed to have Dad there at dinner with us. Even if he didn’t have a place setting, he was there. We did have a sort of sad moment (well, there were lots, but still)… we ate dinner at my aunt’s assisted living facility in a private dining room for just our family. We walked in and there were ten places set for just the nine of us. I said I thought the waiters couldn’t count and then Mom realized that she had counted Dad in the number she had given to the chef. That wasn’t exactly fun and I felt awful for dwelling on the mistake.

We went around the table in Dad’s family tradition and said what we were thankful for this year. And then I gave a toast and we remembered Dad. Lots of tears, but we got through it!

 2010 Thanksgiving (27)

Mom picked up these cute napkin rings at Kohl’s to go with the provided napkins. It added some nice color to the table!

2010 Thanksgiving (28)

Brother and Husband.

2010 Thanksgiving (30)

I only have one cousin on my mother’s side and that’s him with his new wife! :)

 2010 Thanksgiving (31)

Grandma (mom’s mom) and her husband. Aren’t they adorable!

2010 Thanksgiving (35)

My view of the table. :)


  2010 Thanksgiving Weekend (11) 

We didn’t get up before dawn… we were at the stores by 7:30 am and missed a bunch of the sales. :( But we weren’t looking for presents for other people but stuff for us, so not a big deal!

2010 Thanksgiving Weekend (14)

Wait, doesn’t everyone open Christmas presents at Thanksgiving? Well, our family does! We want to exchange presents while everyone is in town, and see the either elated or confused looks when they realize what their present is.

2010 Thanksgiving (38)

Apparently Husband had the camera at this point. Don’t look at the hair. It was an early morning without a style due to Black Friday shopping!

 2010 Thanksgiving (39)

See: confused look about the present.

2010 Thanksgiving (42)

My cousin and his mom, my mom’s sister.

2010 Thanksgiving (45)

Husband got some neat old sports books from my aunt that she had found in a thrift store. She does such a great job finding gems like that!

2010 Thanksgiving (1)

Me and Grandma. :) That’s her new scarf that I gave her for Christmas.

2010 Thanksgiving (2)

I have no idea what Mom is doing here. But I really like her shirt!

2010 Thanksgiving (5) 

Oh boys, I was so jealous when I saw the suit she got from her sister! I want one of those! So cute. :)


2010 Thanksgiving (11)

2010 Border War, baby!

 2010 Thanksgiving (12)

Missouri vs Kansas at Arrowhead Stadium – it’s a tradition three years in the making.

2010 Thanksgiving (15) 2010 Thanksgiving (16) 2010 Thanksgiving (17)

I love the bands performances! They are just amazing.

2010 Thanksgiving (21)

Cousins. :) This picture reminds me of another one we took, about a year ago…

2009 Border Wars

Same shirt even. I didn’t realize that until I was at the game. Dad must have been smiling in his Mizzou cap to see the Tigers win.

I flew home on Sunday and did laundry. All in all, a good holiday weekend.


  1. Glad you made it through a tough Thanksgiving - peanut butter M&Ms always help!

  2. Great pictures brought tears to my eyes good and bad. My Aunt Ramona looks older. She was 14 when I was born.

    So glad you all got to be together at the skilled nursing place.

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend. So glad you were able to celebrate your father during the holiday. Big hugs to you.

  4. I teared up when I saw those last 2 pictures!

    Now my question is...did you share that bag of M&M's? I always tell my husband that just because it says share, I never would! I want the whole bag for myself!

  5. I need to wrap some presents! Otherwise, I'm going to be overwhelmed.