Monday, November 8, 2010

I love getting things in the mail!

A few weeks ago, I decided I needed to make some personal business cards for the wedding coordinating side business that I’m starting up (more on that later this week). I have the ones for my day job but if I meet someone on the street in a personal capacity, I don’t want to give them one of those. I like to keep my personal stuff out of my business email. You never know who is reading those emails, after all!

I ordered some adorable business cards from V!sta Pr!nt. Love them, but they don’t need any help from me to promote their business. When they arrived, they were SO cute that they deserved a new business card holder. Let’s just say that Target and Office Depot did not have the cute factor in the business card holder area. It’s SO hard to find something cute like that.

That’s where Etsy comes in. My favorite place on the internet to just let my fingers do the walking. LOVE this place. I did a little search and came across the seller ocsellerscreations. The items they have in that shop are so adorable and I had to get this one because it matched my new blue and brown cards perfectly.

business card 1 etsy ocstylescreations

Isn’t it cute? The clasp keeps it closed in my purse.

business card 2 etsy ocstylescreations 

There are two sides to it and it can hold up to 100 cards but not feel too big when closed.

This is also part of 101 in 1001 list, I’ve bought from another seller from Etsy! This is one of my favorite to dos on my list. :)

Images from ocstylescreations’  Etsy shop.


  1. Thanks! Makes me so happt when someone asks for my card. :)

  2. How cute! If I had a need for personal business cards, I would definitely pick on up!

  3. That is super cute! Hopefully it means you'll get lots of business!