Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I’ve got the need… the need… to shop

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I feel like every other post in my Google Reader is about fall clothes. What’s new this season, what’s on sale, what item that I don’t have and never knew I needed but know I HAVE to have it.

And I’ve got the itch.

You know the one… when you stand in front of your closet at 8:05 am and there is only so much time to clothe yourself because you have to be out the door and at the office by 8:30 am and your 20 minute commute just doesn’t seem to be getting any shorter no matter how hard you try. And the clothes are just NOT WORKING with each other.

And the itch to go shopping just comes and grows and doesn’t go away.

Husband gathered up a bunch of clothes that he wants to donate to Goodwill. I’m hoping I can take them to the good location south of our house sometime this week.

And maybe I’ll come home with some new things for me? I’m in serious need of more work pants. I have lots of shirts and sweaters and jackets but hardly any pants.

Does anyone else have that problem? How do you make the itch go away?



  1. If you NEED clothes for work, then I suggest you just scratch the itch! ;)

  2. @Mrs. Dawkter - I think it might make getting dressed easier in the morning. Does that count? ;)

  3. I am HORRIBLE with that itch! No matter how many clothes I have in my closet, I eventually have that moment when nothing seems to fit or look right. Yuck. (Usually that moment occurs when we're already running late for dinner or something. YIKES.)

    Buying something usually helps... But I don't advocate that! Do you ever dig through stuff you haven't worn in forever and try to create new outfits? Sometimes that can be challenging and fun.

  4. @Doctor's Wife - I'm going to try to document what I'm wearing day by day and see if I can combine things in different ways. I hardly ever wear the same thing twice but I have no idea if the outfits are cute in the odd ways I combine them!

  5. I've totally got the itch to go shopping, so I understand! I did let myself by two new pairs of work pants from GAP and 3 shirts from Ann Taylor Loft in September, but now I've cut myself off. Honestly, the best way for me to avoid temptation is to know the exact numbers of my budget and realize that shopping just doesn't fit in right now. And I avoid places like the mall and Target so I'm not tempted.

  6. I've got the itch...but I need to lose about 20lbs before I'll let myself buy a new wardrobe. It's my incentive to lose the weight.

  7. @Lindsey - you're so right! I really want to lose some weight before spending more money on clothes. I just have to keep myself out of the stores in the meantime!