Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy has this great link-up to focus attention on getting dressed and feeling cute about what you wear! Her pictures are obviously much better than my iPhone pics but I felt so good about my outfit choices this week that I thought I’d try linking up. Let’s see if I can remember where everything came from!


 WIWW (2)

I love this orange shirt with flowers and sparkles on it. It looks great by itself or with a jacket. I found it at Goodwill for $4. :) The brown corduroy skirt is Old Navy and the brown suede boots are Payless, I think, from years ago.


 WIWW (3)

Today was a sad day. I had a memorial service for the college friend who passed away last month. Oh boy, that was tough. 500 people in a beautiful church saying wonderful things about a man who no one would ever see again. But, we had the yin and yang because after work, I coordinated a wedding rehearsal for M’s sister. So that was good!

This outfit is a black skirt I’ve had forever and a black sweater that I recently picked up at a garage sale for $3. Paired with tights (it was absolutely FREEZING that day!) and my audition heels.

Saturday – Wedding Day!

 WIWW (4) 

This was such a fun day. :)

These are my black work pants that are so comfy but don’t have pockets. Why don’t more women’s pants have pockets? This needs to be corrected. Paired with this wonderful Tahari jacket from TJ Maxx and a teal silk shirt from the Limited a few weeks ago for my birthday.

The bride told me that I was wearing my power suit for the wedding! The jacket doesn’t exactly match the pants, but it works. :)

Sunday – I totally forgot to take a picture.

Imagine me in jeans a long-sleeve blue shirt. Done.


 WIWW (6)

Long-sleeve black shirt from Target (I think) and a polka dot skirt from Ann Taylor Loft. Black pumps that I thought were comfortable and definitely were NOT by 3 pm. Bad choice. Someone remind me of that the next time I need black shoes to wear with an outfit.


 WIWW (7)

These are my old standbys – brown slacks from Kohl’s (maybe?) that I also have in grey and black. LOVE. So comfy and no need for a belt. Paired with a cream shirt that was another Goodwill find. The thing you can’t really see in this picture is the shoes – cream loafer heels that I got at a clothing swap. So much more comfortable without stockings, so I love that it was warm enough this week to do it!


 WIWW (8)

In addition to a work meeting outside of the office this morning, plus a Happy Hour at my alma mater, today was a good day to get dressed up. My brown dress is from Kohl’s and you can’t tell from the picture but it has a great boatneck with beads and shell details. That was a gift from my in-laws over the summer. The blue cardigan is from Ann Taylor and the brown kitten heels are Mossimo.

Funny story about those shoes – my Grandma was going to wear them to the wedding that I crashed back in October, but they hurt her feet. She said she wouldn’t wear them and would I like them? They fit, so yes, please! I find it odd that my grandma and I have the same taste in shoes, but whatever. Don’t judge.

And thanks Sonya for the idea to participate!


  1. All cute outfits, but the polka dot skirt is my favorite!

  2. You look so cute! I love love the polka dot skirt!!

  3. Very cute! I think my favorite might be Monday or Wednesday!

  4. @Mrs. Dawkter - thanks! Honestly, that skirt is always one that I forget about, but get so many compliments when I end up wearing it.