Monday, November 1, 2010

Dallas/Fort Worth Weekend Wrap Up

A month ago, while looking down the calendar and seeing nothing but work related events staring back at me, I called up my mom and insisted she fly me down there to visit at some point in October. Unfortunately, we had to wait three weekends until we both had the time to see each other!

Ostensibly, the weekend was to clean out Dad’s closet. Some may say it’s too soon, some may say not enough time has passed, but honestly, there are no right answers in this situation. I thought we could get the process started and Mom was amenable to it.  So a mini-vacation it was!

So an early Friday flight it was… I had to stop by and get a classic hot cinnamon dolce latte with whip. YUM.

DFW Wknd 01

I’ve tried to take more pictures, but I don’t think the camera came out of it’s bag once. So my iPhone photos will have to suffice.

Husband hates having his photo taken, so that’s why I have to do it secretly! It’s beside the point that he reads this blog. :)

Apparently Sappho took a liking to him. Sappho didn’t do this one to me the entire weekend.

DFW Wknd 02

Remember the story of that cat that was hanging around Mom’s house? Well, she adopted him. Meet Sappho!

 DFW Wknd 03 

The other function of the trip was to organize the family photos. I had promised Dad that I would help him with this project over the summer and it never really happened.

I pulled out piles and piles of photos from the entirety of the family’s decades together…

 DFW Wknd 07

It was kind of overwhelming. Mostly we spent Saturday going through piles and every few minutes passing one photo to the other with a giggle or a roll of the eye as to the location, chopping off of heads or possibly outfits.

We did finally find the stash from the infamous Florida trip in 1995 (I think that was the year). I was 12 (but looking at that photo, I’m wondering if I was younger than that…). And I can’t believe I’m showing you this photo, but it’s in the interest of Disney. :)

DFW Wknd 04

I also found photos of us in the Prime Time Cafe at the Studios. I had no idea I had ever eaten there! I’ll have to go back sometime and see if it brings back any memories. Mom said we had a lot of fun that day!

And the photo with Minnie? There are so many more baaaad paid for photos, as Ellen would say, but I’m not ready to show those yet. :)

DFW Wknd 06

In addition to the prints we found, I located the 50 odd hours of family movies. We were prolific back in the day! I’m hoping I can find a good company that will digitize both the video and the prints for a reasonable price. Because it will take forever to do any of it ourselves.

 DFW Wknd 05

At the end of the weekend, photos were in boxes and organized according to categories and put back in the cabinets. We’ll pull them out in batches to label and then add to photo albums. It was SUCH a huge project it will require more trips in the future to finish. But at least we’re moving down the right path! 


  1. Sounds like an emotional weekend. But how nice to be there with your husband and mom!

    Totally unrelated question... How do you do the watermarks on your photos?

  2. Love that photo of you with Minnie- adorable!

  3. I love the picture of you and Minnie! You have lots of work ahead of you, but I'm sure it will be fun to look through all of those photos!

  4. I;m glad you had a good weekend with your mom. And I love looking through old family photos. The haircuts I used to

  5. @Doctor's Wife - It really was a great weekend. :)

    And to answer your random question, it's something in Microsoft Live Writer. I love this program! It's a free download from their website and lets you blog without dealing with Blogger's issues. I love it! The watermark is just one of the fun things that it does.

  6. @Melissa - thank you! :) That was one of the less embarrassing pictures we found that day.

  7. @newteacherwife - thank you! :) I can't wait to find some more special photos. Hehe!