Monday, December 5, 2011

And God Blessed the Broken Road, Part 6

To catch up, you can read Our Love Story here.

So we had the typical first date at the on-campus Mexican restaurant. And it was awesome. That was in early October, 2005. What happened next was simply a whirlwind.

We hung out almost every night of the week, studying together over lattes, going to campus activities, doing the typical senior in college while dating thing. He met my friends.

First picture of us together

This is our first picture together! Weren’t we babies?!

October passed, and then into November, we had to begin to deal with holidays. He stayed in St. Louis with his family for Thanksgiving, when I went home to Texas to tell my parents about this amazing new guy I met. They were happy and eager to meet him. November also had a lot of rehearsals for me, as I was cast in a studio show that would open in December. It would be the first time that future-husband would see me act, which was kind of cool [I say that, but he remembers seeing me act way back in our freshman year, I think! So not technically the first, but the first that I would remember].

My mom flew in to see my show, and so he got to meet one of the parental units. She loved him, and I checked off that one from the checklist of good things to have in a guy – the parents like him! At some point this month, future-husband suggested I go with him to Disney World for the New Year’s holiday. Unfortunately, I had foot surgery scheduled for that same time period back home and the idea of being pushed around the World in a wheelchair with a broken foot didn’t really sound like my idea of a vacation. This was before I was such a Disney fan as I am now. In fact, if I had agreed and went with him on that vacation, we may have even had our wedding/honeymoon there in the World, because the minute I got there I fell in love!

December was also the time we started to shop for rings. Only two months in, we knew it was right. We had “the talk” and said I love you a few weeks before and the idea that spending the rest of our lives together just made perfect sense to both of us. So a-ring shopping we went!

To be continued…


  1. Yay! More story! I love that first picture. I can't imagine you giving up a trip to Disney World!

  2. I love this story! Can't wait to read the rest!