Sunday, December 11, 2011

Double Take

Today at Mass, the priest mentioned something in passing that really stuck with me.

He said that in the past ten years or so, he has seen more and more of a switch in the front of Christmas cards – they went from pictures of the Holy Family to pictures of ourselves.

We talk about putting the “Christ” back in Christmas – and how to keep that central in these holiday times. At work, when I am supposed to say Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas, it irks me. I specifically give the later greeting whenever I can because I think it’s important.

So what the priest said about our Christmas cards stuck with me. Because guess what has always been on the front of the cards I send out each December? A picture of me and husband. I always make it a point to have a card that says Merry Christmas rather than Happy Holidays or Wishing You a something or another because that seems to be important. But putting myself on the card has always made sense.

And it just made me think. Why do I feel the need to have myself on the cards? Or kids on the cards when children make their way into our lives? It definitely makes one think, doesn’t it?

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