Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hold the Phone! Literally.


“Be with the friends who are here!”

I’m a bit addicted to my iPhone. If you’ve ever met me, or interacted with me on Twitter or Facebook, you know how quickly I respond to those things. I think it’s because the phone is ALWAYS in my hand. Just ask my husband.

I used to think he was just overreacting, that he just HAPPENED to look at me when I was checking my email, but that EVERY OTHER MOMENT I wasn’t looking at its fascinatingly bright little screen.

Recently, I’m starting to believe he’s right. I am addicted. I’m on the thing ALL THE TIME. If there’s that little red bubble on one of the icons, I gotta check it so it can be cleared. I don’t have push notifications on my email to save battery, so I’m obsessively refreshing the email client to see if anyone else had responded to me. Again, I have a problem!

I think for the new year, I need to divorce myself from this crazy addition. Now I’m not doing anything extreme like giving it up, but I am going to start thinking twice before I randomly pick up my phone. I’ll check Twitter and Facebook when I’m in the bathroom rather than when I’m sitting next to my husband. I am going to be truly present in every situation, rather than completely absorbed by my electronic device.


  1. I resisted getting an android for this very reason. Now I hear this little pop and I'm like, oh gotta check that. It is totally addicting.

  2. I'm addicted to my Droid too. I think I'll go "unplugged" for a week at New Years. :-)

  3. I want to have a basket like that at my front door. I am totally NOT addicted to my phone, but everyone I know (including my husband) is addicted to their's. It drives me crazy. My mom gave me some money to buy an iPhone for my birthday and I haven't done it yet (almost two months later) because I'm worried about becoming what I hate.

  4. I'm sure I'm bad, but not quite that bad. The only sounds I hear from my phone are when it rings and if I have a text (which is rare). I just have a light that blinks. I know what you mean about the icons that tell you there is something there. They must be cleared!