Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fighting Weight

In my goals for 2012 posted last week, I mentioned that I’ve already lost 15 pounds on this thing called Weight Watchers. You may have heard of it?

When I went on the September Disney trip, I knew that I was coming back to a diet. More than that, it was a lifestyle change. I was going to start working out on a regular basis and I was signing up for Weight Watchers online. There was a discount code from our health insurance at work that saved me $10 on a three month subscription and I love me a coupon!

Katie at Loves of Life has been through an amazing transformation over the past year. Every time she would post a new blog with pictures of her skinny little self and talk about how she had done it with Weight Watchers, I was amazed. She has come so far and really has inspired lots of us in the blog world to get off our butts and work out.

After all, she has done all those 5Ks! I am not quite there yet, as running and I don’t really get along. At all. But I have high hopes! I am thinking about possibly maybe trying to consider running the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World. Because let’s be honest, people. Running in Disney both onstage and offstage is the ONLY thing that would get me going for that kind of training. 13 miles?! Dear God, save me now. I don’t know if I could make it, but I know that running in Disney is supposed to be more fun because of the entertainment along the race course.

But because I’m going to be accountable for my actions and because Katie posted pictures of herself along the way, and because I want to give myself motivation to lose those last 10 pounds because I have met my first weight loss goal of 15 pounds lost, here I am on September 6….

2011.09.07 Before (2)2011.09.07 Before (4)

And here I am today (er, yesterday)…

2011.12.28 Progress (3)2011.12.28 Progress (6)

16 pounds down as of December 28.

I am starting to hear compliments from friends and co-workers who are noticing the weight I’ve lost and I have to admit, it feels good! I had to hit up Goodwill a few weeks ago to get a pair of grey and black pants so I could attend work without clothing falling off my hips. And um, that was pretty awesome. I’m trying to lose a few more pounds before going all out and buying a whole new wardrobe, but with Husband leaving for France in a few weeks, I can’t promise I won’t try to drown my sorrows in shopping. I’ll try to restrain myself.

It’s silly but I’m starting to internalize that saying “That doesn’t taste as good as skinny feels.” Now, I’m not sure that that applies to EVERYTHING, but it sure does help when we’re at Christmas dinner and I want another piece of the pumpkin gingerbread trifle. I say no because I don’t need it!

So yeah, we’re getting there. We’ve got a ways to go but it’s neat to see the transformation and know that it was ME who did it. I know it’s possible and it CAN be done.


  1. I did we this year as well and dropped 70 lbs....exercising and eating habits changed too....I need to post before and after pics...congrats on 15lbs....

  2. Wow! I knew you had lost weight, but the pictures really show it! That is awesome! I know you'll keep it up!

  3. Katie retweeted your link and I'm SO glad I clicked on it! You are looking AWESOME!!! So wonderful! Don't you just feel sooo good?!

  4. Running melts off the fat and running though Disney? Awesomesauce! Do it! Do it! I wanted to go but it's too expensive :)

  5. You look great! Congrats on those 15 lbs and good luck on the remaining 10--you can totally do it! And the race in Disney sounds like a blast!

  6. Girl, I am beyond impressed at your weight loss. At some point we should email about how WW works for you. I actually just signed up for it and could use some tips!

  7. Only 10 more pounds to go? That's nothing ;) Proud of you.

  8. CONGRATS!!!!!!! :) D and I started to take up running. He is already at half marathon status. If you do it- just give yourself LOTS of time! :) You look great and clearly do not need to run to see success. :)

  9. Can you come kick my but into shape? please? You and Katie need to team up. I miss the days of a personal trainer.... But 2012? I think it will be my year!

  10. Way to go hun! That's fantastic

  11. This is great! Are you still doing weight watchers? I am planning on starting this week! You look great! I love how inspiring you are! I'm going to watch you get tiny, cause I know you will :)